Do you offer installation service? 

Yes, We are expanding our workforce to offer address sign installation Canada Wide by late 2023. We currently offer address sign installation in the Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg Areas. If you live out of our delivery service range or a different Province. We can assist with the installation out-sourcing

What size letters will fit my space?

 I suggest you goto Size? page. It has samples of single and double garage door. Your house may not match but the size is relative. We also have an Address Sign Sizing Guide.pdf which is a great tool to help get started.

How does the sign mount to my house? 

The letters or numbers have threaded holes on the back drilled half way through. You screw in the provided 3/16″ aluminum studs hand tight. You will tape up a drill pattern to your wall level and center. You center punch and drill the mapped out holes with a 3/16″ drill bit. You apply the spacer, silicone and insert each piece like a puzzle. For complete DIY instructions go: Here


Flush or Floating? 

The letters come with threaded studs which are screwed in hand tight and spacers. (see image below) Once you have drilled all your holes you slide the studs into the holes. The spacers will stop all letters and stand-off or “float” 1/4 inch. If you prefer letters to be flush to the wall remove the spacers.


I’m interested in purchasing what do I do first?

a.Goto the SHOP PAGE and type in your address sign text. Choose a font and size, colour, material, lustre. Then Place Order. You will need to enter customer and billing information.

b.The payment will be followed with designing a mock-up. You will need to email us an image of the address area and a measurement for referencing. Our designer (me) will usually wait a day or so for an image and will contact you to request an image in a day or so. If you have a simple address number and do not want a mock-up you can opt out and we will approve and send to production.

c. You will have the chance to modify and adjust size or font until satisfied.

d. If you paid for 10 inch and you decided to reduce it to 9 inch.  We issue refunds immediately.

e. You will need to approve the mock-up before production.

f. You approve, we send to production.

What if I choose the wrong size? 

We will work it out in the design phase and you will be able to see it to size. If your decide to go smaller we refund any money immediately.

What is included with my address sign order?

Address Sign or Numbers | Threaded Aluminum Studs | Aluminum Spacers | Installation Pattern | Instructions | Free Shipping

How long is production? 

10-15 days.

Where are the signs manufactured? 

Hamilton, Ontario Canada

How fast is shipping? 

We ship Canada Post Expedited. We are located in St. Catharines, Ontario. Expect delays during holidays. Generally it’s a couple days locally in the GTA, less than a week to Ontario and little more than a week to BC. Canada Post gets busy and sometimes shipping is longer, they no longer offer 2 day service guarantees and express shipping.

Tracking and Insurance? 

All sign orders are tracked and insured.

What is the most popular material? 

Matte Black Acrylic is about 3 to 1 over gloss acrylic. It depends on the house, trim and wall texture/colour.

What is my sign is damaged upon arrival? 

Send us a picture of the box and the broken item, we will replace if it was couriers fault.

My sign broke when I was installing it, will you replace it? 

If you bend and break the sign you will need to buy a replacement piece. The replacement piece will have the same hole configuration and you can install without drilling. We will ship for FREE.

My sign was installed properly and it is broken where the letter is thin? 

If a letter breaks weeks after the initial installation and seems to be defective, we will replace the piece that broke and ship to you for no charge. Our materials are durable and guaranteed for lifetime.

Why should we pick your company? 

I have been in the sign making industry for 25 years as a Graphic Designer, Sign Maker and Commercial Sign Installer. This website is a branch from the Sign Studio Company tree. Sign Studio is my company and I have been selling address signs locally for 5 years in the Greater Toronto Area. I have sold and installed 100’s of signs in the GTA and I have maintained a 5 star google review rating since my business began in 2016 and you can see my customer reviews HERE

You should choose my company because I shop locally for materials and produce a Canadian Made product from design and fabrication… to shipping. Maintaining my customer satisfaction is my highest priority and I do my best to make wrongs right. I have done the research and found the best outdoor sign acrylic available in Canada and my products, service and attention to details are always above standard.

Keith Golden | Designer | Signmaker | Owner

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e | design@cursivesign.com



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