What Size?

What size sign letters should you order?

This page will help guide you in answering that question. 

All our signs are measured by CAP height. If your sign has a descender the overall footprint of the sign will be larger. Keep this in mind if your address sign is on a beam, entryway or trim.

Capital letter heights vary and may not all measure the same height. Some may be slightly smaller than the size you purchased depending on the font and text. Example: The “E” below measures 10 inches and the “F” measures 9.8 inches and the top to the bottom is 14 inches. 

5 Inch Minimum

We offer address signs from 5 inches letter height to 12 inches tall and even larger. The 5 inch minimum size is measured from the capitol letter height. The reason is because our sign letters have drill and tapped holes on the back to secure to the wall. The smaller fonts are too thin and the letters are not able to be machined properly. 

This Address Sign Sizing Guide will help you determine your sign size only if you are installing above a garage.

1st Find your size garage door in the black tabs below.

2nd Choose whether you want a script font or a modern block font.

3rd Then you cross reference the different sizes and find a fit.

(Click image below to view high resolution .pdf)What size address letters

Entryway size options

*note if your address has a descending font letter like a “y” or “g”, it may off center the sign and you may need to reduce the over-all address sign letter size.


16 foot garage door 

Double garage door

8 foot  garage door

Have you seen our Modern and Script font list? See Fonts

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