Wanted: Address Sign Installers Vancouver Area

We are expanding our installation services and looking for qualified sign installers throughout Canada. 

We are building a network of independent contractors, including handymen, sign installers, contractors or renovation specialist that can take on occasional work. You must be able to use tools and drill through wood, stucco and masonry with precession. When we find someone to cover the Vancouver Area this ad will be removed.


The installation process takes about an hour and involves taping up a pen plotted paper pattern of the address sign to stucco, brick or concrete.

-Signs are centered usually over the garage and level with the brick line.

-Drill the configuration of holes 1 inch deep.

-Apply threaded studs to the letters, spacers, silicone… and push into holes.

-Same process for wood, stucco, brick.


If you can provide proof you can do the job, the job is yours.

We will give you as much area as you want to cover.

What do you get?

I will enter your REGION as a (service) product in my ecommerce shop. I currently have 2 installers in the Toronto Area and recruiting installers in British Columbia.

As we sell signs in your potential region, you would be notified and the sign and install pattern and hardware will be shipped to you. 

Pay is : $110 per sign – usually 2 hours including travel – The customer pays us $150 which includes installation hardware, plotted template and shipping. We do not profit from the lead, rather want to offer a fuller customer experience. 

We pay per job not per sign size or wall material. Some days you will get 10 inch letters 17 characters in stucco. Some days its only 4 numbers (4410) Both jobs pay $110. It will average and some days will be easy money… or 2 hours in the sun.

Here are the DIY instructions: https://cursivesign.com/diy-installation

If you want to see how it is actually done.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team contact me ASAP and I will, check your references, map your region and add your area to the shop.

You will be hired on a contract basis 1 job at a time, you will be responsible for your own business expenses and taxes insurance etc.. I will hire your service on your terms. You will be paid e-transfer after you submit finished work image.

Contact: Keith Golden – signstudio.ca@gmail.com

Sign Facts

  • The material properties of acrylic include high transparency, UV resistance, and the ability to retain its color and shape over time. Source
  • Acrylic is lightweight and can be easily fabricated, allowing for various design options when creating house address numbers. Source

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