What size should house numbers be?

As I maintain the on-going role of Customer Support person and Graphic Designer for Custom Home Address Signs GTA. I have answered the one question “What size should house numbers be?” at least a few hundred times from potential customers. This is a pretty reasonable question that many home owners face and need answers to, before committing to an online purchase. Especially the purchase of custom cut premium house numbers. To solve this issue I have designed a house address sign sizing guide to help customers navigate the “What Size?” hurdle.

house numbers size guide

Design Mock-up with 8ft garage door click to enlarge

Let’s say you decided to go ahead and invest in a brand new house number sign. You scrolled on the internet for hours and hours, trying to find the perfect one that would reflect your home’s design style on ETSY and Wayfair. Not too modern, nor too classic – just right. Finally, you see it. This house numbers sign has great material properties and the perfect contrast color to your exterior stucco. So, you hit the purchase button, and your new house address sign is on its way to you.

But when it arrives, you realize that the size is all wrong! The information on the website was confusing and hard to read, and their customer service wasn’t very helpful. And so, you bought the one you thought would work best only to end up with a house numbers sign that you’re just going to have to send back. What a waste of time and money.

“We wanted to make sure that when you buy your house numbers sign from CursiveSign.com this will never, ever be a problem.”

In this article, we’ll explain how to pick the best sign based on your garage door width. So you never have to doubt what you’re choosing from us.

House Numbers Size Guide

Address House Numbers Size Guide -Click to go to high res .pdf

Measure your garage door width

As you know, garage doors generally come in standard sizes, 8ft, 12ft etc. If you know what size garage door you have you do not necessarily need to measure it. We can design a mock-up from a google picture and a guess of the garage door measurement, but the final product may not match the mock-up. If you want a mock-up that is 100% accurate you will need to measure your garage door opening.


House numbers signs that fit your garage door

Once you’ve figured out how wide your garage door is, it’s time to choose a font. You can select between script or block designs depending on the overall look you’re going for when it comes to your house numbers sign. Once that step is completed, you can take all that information and choose the best house numbers sign sizing for your home. Remember to choose a nice font that compliments your homes style. 

Use the detailed house numbers sign sizing guide below to make your selection. Locate your garage door size first from the options inside the rectangular black boxes on the left. Then, pick if you’re going with the cursive or modern font option. From there all there’s left to do is find what size you feel will be ideal for your house numbers sign, and you’re all good to go.

Still need a bit more help, or want a second opinion to make sure your house numbers sign is just right? Reach out to us via mobile or email. We’re always happy to lend our expert eye to your project!

House Numbers Size Guide

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